I have three children. I love them more than everything. More than anything. More. Every day. I love my husband. He has made this possible for me. I am able to do what I love every day because of him. Without my parents, I couldn’t do any of this. I couldn’t be a photographer, own a business, buy stuff I need, chase a dream, be a good mom, be a good anything, understand what it means to be grateful.

I have a passion for photographs. I feel honored when I’m chosen to capture a moment, a memory, a milestone. I’m still evolving. I don’t know if I will ever say, “this is it, this is me.” I think kids are a hoot. I love their silly faces and their serious ones. I think they say the most hilarious and honest things, and I think capturing how immense their love is for you (and yours is for them) is the most priceless image in the universe.

Still want to know more? Well here it is.

I have a dog. A little white one. He is very cute. He is not very smart. But when I go to the mailbox and come back in he greets me as though I’ve been gone all day and is overjoyed to see me. I really like this about him.

I love to cook. If you find me on Pinterest you’ll see that I have about 2,000 recipes pinned and I’ve made most of them. I’d rather cook than clean. Unfortunately, it’s not really an either/or situation.

My family really is my whole world. They’re the stars in my sky. Whatever I do, I do it for them.

I have a child with autism. I am a different person now because of it – a better person, to be sure. She is absolutely one of the best kids to walk this earth and she works really hard every day to do the things that are natural to others. She has no quit in her, and because of that, I don’t either. When it comes to her, I am fierce. I try every day to be as fearless as she is.

My husband is an amazing human. I have no idea how he manages to do every crazy thing I ask him to (including building elaborate props and getting up out of a dead sleep to read an error message on my screen) and work a demanding job 12 hours a day and still play with our kids and change a diaper here and there AND he makes bread – and a pretty mean pizza too!

I have had some excellent photography teachers. They have made me want to get a little better at what I do every day. I really try to do this. I read a lot and look at tons of photographs every day. Looking is one thing, seeing is another. I really try to see what’s in front of me and capture not just what it is, but how it makes me feel.

That’s most of it. I’m really just a mom, doing what I love, trying to get you a photo of your baby – brand new or nearly on their own – that you will love and pass on to them so that they can show their own children someday.